About Us

South Am Corp knows that in the hands of its customers, lie the dreams of thousands of families.

Who are we?

South Am Corp is a company that supplies and offers high quality services and equipment. Founded in Texas in 1989 with the objective to provide procurement solutions for energy companies in US and Latin America.  

South-Am Corp was born and grew guided by the commitment with its customers, constantly adapting to the new challenges and strengthening our essence.

The experience of South-Am is proven for the excellence and quality of our services. The wide variety of our products adjusted to the latest technological advances of the industry, availability guaranteed, always on time, the best prices and first of all: the efficient attention of our staff. 

For our projects unit, solutions are the priority of the day, working in two main aspects:

  1. Project Counseling: experts dedicated to the study of your needs, generating ideas, proposing materials, estimating costs and risks, making decisions and taking actions according to your company requeriments.
  2. Service supply: installation and maintenance of equipment and thus leveraging the operations of our customers backed up by the excellence that characterizes us.

We invite you to visit our sections, and get to know why we are the best choice for all your needs.